'Aiming for A' wins award

At the Responsible Investor awards, held in London on 6 June 2017, the Collaborations award in the inaugural Innovation & Industry Leadership category was given to the ‘Aiming for A’ initiative.

Along with CCLA, the Church Commissioners, the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum and Hermes EOS, Rathbone Greenbank is proud to have played its part in this effort to engage the extractives industry to focus on strategic resilience in an increasingly carbon-constrained world to 2035 and beyond.

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US withdrawal from Paris climate agreement

It came as no great surprise when President Trump finally announced his expected decision to withdraw the US from the historic Paris Agreement on 1 June 2017.

Having promised to take this step as one of the pillars of his presidential campaign on the basis that the Agreement unfairly penalised American competitiveness and jobs, Trump was always going to be bound to this commitment or risk appearing politically weak – even if it’s possible that withdrawal might not be completed before the next presidential election in November 2019.

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Rathbone Greenbank Review Spring 2017

The momentous political events of 2016 left many investors with an altered sense of what can and cannot be predicted. With Donald Trump now in place in the highest office of a global superpower and  the UK’s Brexit negotiations imminent, this year’s elections in Europe may give a further indication of the extent to which the world  is changing.

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A row of solar panels beneath a rising sun

Bring me sunshine

Last year, for the first time ever in the UK, solar power generated more electricity than coal over the course of a month. In tandem, major advances in battery technology are delivering unprecedented energy-storage capabilities. Are we on the verge of a truly “disruptive” breakthrough? And, if so, who are the winners and losers likely to be?

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Assessing portfolio climate impacts

In 2015, we published our first carbon footprint of the equity holdings across all investment portfolios managed by Rathbone Greenbank. This used a tool developed by our ethical research team to allow individual client portfolios to be footprinted. Here, we present the results of an updated carbon footprint analysis as part of our renewed commitment to the Montréal Carbon Pledge.

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