Saving the planet from plastic

The environmental damage that plastic waste causes has become a global problem. Steps to address the issue are now being taken worldwide, with a reduction in non-biodegradable plastics a key goal. But how close is science to offering us viable solutions? 

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Investor Day 2018 - Graham Griffiths

Graham Griffiths, head of partnerships and operations, Living Wage Foundation, explains the importance of companies committing to the living wage.  By adopting evolving regional rates, that track and match a continual assessment of workers’ financial commitments and needs.

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Investor Day 2018 - James Coldwell

James Coldwell, investor engagement officer, ShareAction, discusses the Workforce Disclosure Initiative, an investor-backed programme to increase transparency and improve practices in global workforces.

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Rathbone Greenbank Review Investor Day 2018

The theme of this year’s Investor Day event — ‘good work’ — has long been an area of focus for members of the Rathbone Greenbank team, which produced a report on the state of family-friendly working practices in the UK as long ago as 1998. This surveyed over half of the companies in the FTSE 100 at the time to gauge their position on a variety of issues, including women in management, flexible working, maternity schemes and childcare provision, and work-related stress.
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Liquid assets

It seems incredible that a modern metropolis could run out of water, yet this is the threat that major cities in developed and developing nations all around the world are facing. With the balance between demand and supply becoming increasingly fragile, we examine the challenges and implications.

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Why stewardship matters

Unchecked decisions at high levels were at the heart of the global financial crisis. Today, a decade later, there is a far sharper focus on how organisations are governed, with institutional investors expected to take a much more robust stance in calling to account the companies whose shares they own. As a leading asset manager, Rathbones takes its stewardship responsibilities seriously.

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Investor Day 2018

Held at the Institution of Engineering and Technology in London, Rathbone Greenbank’s 21st annual Investor Day brought together speakers and delegates to discuss the complex evolution of working practices and consider how to promote fair, fulfilling employment and gender equality in the modern economy.

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How to save the world: the war on plastics

On 3 May, the Royal Institution played host to an informative and diverse discussion on the topic of plastic pollution at a how to: Academy event moderated by The New York Times and sponsored by Rathbones.

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London City skyline

Moving towards best practice for responsible taxation

What does responsible tax for companies look like? Depending on who you ask, you’re likely to get some very different responses.

For some, it is about paying a fair share and making sure businesses support the societies, infrastructure and public services that they benefit from. For others, the focus may be on risk and ensuring they really understand how and where a company generates its profits.

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