There are two distinct elements to our services: investment management to meet your charity’s individual requirements, and support for your trustees and management team. 

Fundamental to our approach is our belief that companies demonstrating strong social and environmental management and good corporate governance, while also providing products and services that meet the needs of a changing world, are likely to be good long term investments.

You need to be confident that your charity’s investments are being well-managed, in line with the ethical, social and environmental concerns of your organisation, by investment professionals whose skills and knowledge you can trust.  Our services focus on maximising the return from investments while ensuring they are compatible with your charity’s mission.

While no two charities are the same, we understand that many trustees face similar challenges in meeting their fiduciary duties, while acting in the broader interests of the causes they support.

We can accommodate restricted mandates and, as well as screening out certain investments, we can identify ones that positively contribute to your charity’s mission.

You will get direct access to the person managing your charity’s investments and they will work with you to deliver an investment portfolio that fully meets your requirements.

It’s not just you who wants to be certain that your charity’s money is being looked after by a company that does business the right way. Donors increasingly demand to know that is the case as well.

We are a member of the FTSE4Good Index of companies that meet globally recognised standards of corporate responsibility. We are also a signatory to the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment.