Investor Day 2018 - Jo Andrews

Jo Andrews, co-founder and director of social impact, Equileap, reflects on the positive economic change which is expected to result from increased gender diversity and equality in every level of the workplace.

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Investor Day 2018 - Brhmie Balaram

Brhmie Balaram, senior researcher, economy, enterprise and manufacturing, RSA, reflects on the findings of the RSA report, Thriving, striving or just about surviving?  An independent review of modern working practices published in January 2018.

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Investor Day 2018 - Kate Elliot

Kate Elliot, senior ethical researcher, Rathbone Greenbank, explains how the team is continuing its 20-year history of assessing, researching and encouraging improvement in employment practices.

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Saving the planet from plastic

The environmental damage that plastic waste causes has become a global problem. Steps to address the issue are now being taken worldwide, with a reduction in non-biodegradable plastics a key goal. But how close is science to offering us viable solutions? 

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Investor Day 2018 - Graham Griffiths

Graham Griffiths, head of partnerships and operations, Living Wage Foundation, explains the importance of companies committing to the living wage.  By adopting evolving regional rates, that track and match a continual assessment of workers’ financial commitments and needs.

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