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Investor Day 2018 - Kate Elliot

Kate Elliot, senior ethical researcher, Rathbone Greenbank, explains how the team is continuing its 20-year history of assessing, researching and encouraging improvement in employment practices.

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London City skyline

Moving towards best practice for responsible taxation

What does responsible tax for companies look like? Depending on who you ask, you’re likely to get some very different responses.

For some, it is about paying a fair share and making sure businesses support the societies, infrastructure and public services that they benefit from. For others, the focus may be on risk and ensuring they really understand how and where a company generates its profits.

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Forest next to land what has been deforested - Rathbone Greenbank

Deforestation: understanding the risks to investors

Forests are vitally important to world ecosystems and the global economy. Their preservation is central to the fight against climate change; they deliver a huge range of systemic services and generate significant economic value, underpinning the supply chains of thousands of companies worldwide.

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Casino board with chips on it - Rathbone Investment Management

Casinos on the high street

When people first consider investing ethically, they commonly think in terms of avoiding so-called 'sin stocks'. While armaments, pornography, alcohol and tobacco are among the more traditional of these, a sharp rise in revenues generated from gambling in the UK has alerted investors to the risks of a rapidly-expanding gaming industry.

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