Your portfolio

An individual investment portfolio

No two people or organisations have values or goals that are exactly the same, which is why our clients have individual portfolios created and managed for them by a dedicated investment manager.

We do not have relationship managers or account teams. You have a direct relationship with the person who manages your money for you.

Your investment manager will take the time to understand what you want to achieve and how you want your money to be invested to create an ethical investment strategy that is individual to you.

As your investment manager is personally responsible for everything to do with your portfolio, you can be certain your values are reflected at every step.

Ethical managed funds portfolio service 

To reduce investment risk, we strongly emphasise diversification. In some cases this may lead us to recommend a portfolio of ethically screened or environmentally focused funds. These investments offer highly diversified exposure to key asset classes without the need for a large portfolio.

We hold regular meetings with the fund managers and closely monitor fund performance, investment style, investment strategy and key holdings to identify the best funds for you.

International services 

For some clients it may be appropriate to hold investments outside the UK. Rathbone Greenbank Investments can act as delegated investment manager for portfolios held overseas and we can offer this service through Rathbone Investment Management International based in Jersey.