We strive to be transparent with our clients and partners about everything we do. We  therefore wanted to share more detail on our processes at Greenbank, including how we select investments and conduct our research.

Greenbank specialises in creating bespoke ethical, sustainable and impact portfolios for clients with different needs. Our investment team works to understand each client’s unique financial aims, as well as their ethical, sustainability and impact requirements. Our in-house research team plays a key role in supporting the provision of this service. Our investment managers use their professional knowledge and experience to invest clients’ money in individual portfolios, all carefully chosen to match their financial objectives and values. We also offer a range of banking and online services and a unique suite of client-specific services, including reporting and training for trustees for our charity clients.

Our integrated approach to investment

We take time to understand each client’s unique priorities. We recognise that every investor has different ethical priorities and financial requirements. We have worked for over 20 years to understand how financial and ethical issues can be integrated into the management of a client’s portfolio to meet their overall investment objectives. This allows us to design tailored strategies to a client’s individual financial circumstances, investment objectives and risk appetite.

We believe a long-term investment strategy is the key to providing consistent risk-adjusted returns for our clients. To decide which assets to invest in, we use a wide range of sources of ethical and financial research, including our own in-house ethical research team and wider Rathbones research, as well as an extensive range of external brokers, analysts and fund managers. We use these inputs to make long-term financial decisions and generate ideas. Because Rathbones is independent, we can look across the whole of the market to find investments that match our clients’ interests.