We are committed to bringing about positive change through investment. To this end we actively engage with companies on behalf of our clients through correspondence and face-to-face meetings, where we see scope to encourage improvements in business practice. Additionally we ensure that shareholdings give our investors a voice through voting and resolutions at annual general meetings, often cooperating with other concerned investors, charities and non-governmental organisations.

Committed to bringing about change

By investing with us, you can have an influence on how companies operate. We engage directly with companies to encourage improvement in social and environmental performance. We use shareholder rights to vote at annual general meetings and work with other concerned investors to get our message across.

We have succeeded in securing commitments from companies to improve labour rights, animal welfare and environmental practices. We also engage with governments' on issues that concern our clients.

We led the investment community in securing agreement from the UK government to make transparency in supply chains part of the Modern Slavery Act. This will help to combat the use of child labour and other human rights abuses.