Rathbone Greenbank supports Ashoka’s Climate Change Globalizer Summit

On Thursday 26 March, Rathbone Greenbank’s senior ethical, sustainable and impact researcher, Sophie Lawrence, participated as a strategy thought partner in Ashoka’s Climate Change Globalizer Summit. The summit was designed to support 12 international Ashoka Fellows working on diverse solutions to climate change and sustainability issues.

What is Ashoka and what does it take to become an Ashoka Fellow?

Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide. Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs who have been recognised for their innovative solutions to social and environmental problems and the potential to change patterns across society. They have all been through a rigorous search and selection process and, once elected, gain a lifetime of support from the Ashoka network.

What is Ashoka’s Globalizer Program?

The programme aims to develop practical wisdom on strategies for scaling up social impact by challenging participating organisations to think beyond growth in the traditional sense. Rather than merely expanding operations, social entrepreneurs consider how to open up access to their ideas and truly improve systems for long-lasting and widespread impact.

As part of this event, Sophie coached three Ashoka Fellows on a one-to-one basis as part of a virtual summit:

  • Brent Kopperson (Canada) runs an organisation called Windfall Ecology Centre that empowers communities to explore and implement innovative climate change solutions.
  • Marta Echavarria (Ecuador) has created a model for establishing water markets among traditionally non-cooperating upstream and downstream users to finance sustainable watershed management and conservation.
  • Christoph Schmitz (Germany) runs an organisation called Ackerdemia that embeds agriculture in the lives of young people by turning it into the centrepiece of sustainability education.

In conjunction with these Fellows, Sophie explored themes such as measuring the impact of their organisations, how they can influence change and how to define their purpose. She also contributed learnings from Greenbank’s long history of investing in socially and environmentally focused organisations.

In these times of global uncertainty, Greenbank is proud to be helping support social entrepreneurs in their vital work on climate change and to be assisting them to develop their ideas and solutions.