£40k crowdfunded for four innovative charities

On Tuesday 8th September we were pleased to host the latest crowdfunding event organised by the Funding Network.

Matt Crossman

On Tuesday 8th September we were pleased to host the latest crowdfunding event organised by the Funding Network.

Continuing our longstanding partnership, over 70 guests were hosted at our London offices for an exciting evening of canapés, pitching and pledging. Following a welcome by John David (Head of Rathbone Greenbank Investments), presentations were made by four small charities seeking funding which would make an immediate impact on their work.

Firstly, we heard from the Centre for Criminal Appeals (CCA). The CCA aims to fix the mistakes made by the UK criminal justice system, creating a new “access to justice” initiative setting out to investigate and overturn wrongful convictions and share lessons learned. Assisting the CCA in their pitch were representatives of families affected by wrongful convictions who shared their moving stories.

Next, guests had an opportunity to hear from Teach a Man to Fish – a charity established in 2006 and based in London, aiming to broaden access to high quality and relevant education for young people in developing countries. The skills taught empower school leavers to obtain secure employment or set up their own businesses and thus lift themselves out of poverty. This project profiled on the night will combat high youth unemployment in Uganda.

HealthProm were the next to present, a charity working in the mountainous Hindu Kush district of Northern Afghanistan, the poorest in the province. The organisation was set up by doctors to promote health for women and children. This project will combat persistent hunger and malnutrition by enabling irrigation of domestic land for tree and vegetable growing and creating school gardens which will showcase crop varieties.

Finally, we heard from the founders of the Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile. The Baobab Centre was seeking funding for a project that will work with young women who have experienced extreme violence and/or been trafficked for sexual exploitation or work. The Young Women’s Group will provide a space for mutual support and group psychotherapy while also running a schedule of activities and outings.

Following a break featuring excellent refreshments provided by our London events team, the funding session commenced. All projects demonstrated their passion and commitment to their particular causes, and were rewarded by an excellent level of financial commitment from TFN members. Overall, over £40k was raised for the four charities.

Both TFN and Rathbone Greenbank Investment embody what it means to express your values through your finance. Whether through philanthropy or through targeted ethical investment, people can feel empowered to make a difference in the world.