Knowledge and Insight - Investor Day

Investor Day 2017 - Claire Hughes video

Claire Hughes, head of nutrition and science at Marks & Spencer, explained how a customer-focused strategy helping consumers balance their dietary needs is driving the company’s ambition to become the leading retailer for healthy eating.

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Investor Day 2017 - Fiona Watson video

Fiona Watson, an independent nutrition consultant, observed how obesity has overtaken undernutrition as a global impediment to human wellbeing and highlighted the considerable protections and subsidies that exist to incentivise large-scale sugar production.

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Investor Day 2017 - Kate Elliot video

Kate Elliot, a senior ethical researcher at Rathbone Greenbank Investments, discussed how the team tracks widely-diverse nutritional trends and assesses risks and opportunities presented by regulation, consumer habits and sugar usage and consumption.

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Investor Day 2017 - Matt Crossman video

Matt Crossman, engagement manager at Rathbone Greenbank Investments, discusses our responsibility to actively engage with companies on high profile issues and sustain ethical and social values throughout a clients’ investment.

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