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Rathbone Greenbank Review Investor Day 2018

The theme of this year’s Investor Day event — ‘good work’ — has long been an area of focus for members of the Rathbone Greenbank team, which produced a report on the state of family-friendly working…
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Investor Day 2018

Held at the Institution of Engineering and Technology in London, Rathbone Greenbank’s 21st annual Investor Day brought together speakers and delegates to discuss the complex evolution of working practices and consider how to promote fair, fulfilling employment and gender equality in the modern economy.

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What is the gig economy and what are the pros and cons?

Broadly speaking, the gig economy refers to working practices where individuals are paid to complete short-term contracts or single tasks, for example making deliveries, driving passengers, or providing copy-editing services. Individuals are paid per task, or ‘gig’, rather than receiving an hourly wage or fixed salary.

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