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August 2022 Market Commentary

With the cost-of-living crisis showing no sign of abating, this month’s Market Update considers the risks of energy and food shortages this winter, and a longer-term global recession - and what governments (and the financial sector) could do to help, while ensuring that emissions targets and net zero goals are met.

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July 2022 Market Commentary

Is inflation out of control? In this month’s Market Update we look at why those with the least are being hit the hardest, and how the US Supreme Court’s recent Environmental Protection Agency ruling puts big investors in the hot seat on climate change.

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June 2022 Market Commentary

Short-term and long-term performance. In this month’s Market Update we look at the recent high performance of companies operating in the fossil fuel sector, plus the negative and positive impact on climate change targets as the global supply of energy from renewable sources falls short of meeting global demand.

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May 2022 Market Commentary

Are we heading for a global recession? In this month's Greenbank Market Update we look at the cost-of-living crisis in UK and Europe, implications of policies in US and China, and famines impacting the Global South.

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April 2022 Market Commentary

In this month's Greenbank Market Update we look at food security, UK energy strategy and European energy, against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine.

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