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Rewild our forests, rewild our world

Rathbone Greenbank was delighted to support the 2019 Durrell Lecture, held on 21 November 2019 at the Royal Institution in London. This year’s theme was ‘Rewilding Forests’ and included both the ecological importance of forests as well as the positive impact they have on our physical and mental well-being.

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Rewilding our world

Rathbone Greenbank is delighted to partner with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, whose latest strategy, Rewild Our World, represents an ambitious commitment to getting nature back on track in the face of “a planet under pressure”

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Land use and its link to climate change

Earlier this month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a special report on the relationship between climate change and humanity’s use – or, more accurately, misuse – of our planet’s land.

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Rewilding our world : An interview with Monty Halls

Monty Halls is a broadcaster, explorer and president of the Galapagos Conservation Trust. His recent documentary, My Family and the Galapagos, explored conservation efforts on the islands and highlighted the lead in environmental stewardship taken by the next generation of islanders. As an ambassador for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Monty presented its London Lecture in November 2018, after which he spoke to Rathbone Greenbank about the rewilding approach to conservation and the urgent need to preserve our environment.

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Forest next to land what has been deforested - Rathbone Greenbank

Deforestation: understanding the risks to investors

Forests are vitally important to world ecosystems and the global economy. Their preservation is central to the fight against climate change; they deliver a huge range of systemic services and generate significant economic value, underpinning the supply chains of thousands of companies worldwide.

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Agriculture approaching forest - Rathbone Investment Management

Rathbone Greenbank Review Spring 2018

The past few months have been significant for Rathbone Greenbank Investments as our funds under management passed the £1 billion mark for the first time in September 2017.

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Plight of the humble bee

Global warming means spring is arriving sooner. As winter draws in that may sound attractive, but it means plants are flowering earlier than usual. If they become out of sync with nature’s pollinators, the consequences for the global economy could be serious.

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