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Rathbone Greenbank Review Spring 2021

This has been a year of unprecedented challenges, touching some more than others. While as a business, we have been fortunate to continue relatively as normal, we would like to offer our sympathy to those of our readers who have been directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic.

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Accounting for biodiversity

Rathbone Greenbank has joined the Partnership for Biodiversity Accounting Financials (PBAF) as we seek to improve understanding of how investments impact biodiversity.

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Investor Day 2020 - Sophie Lawrence

Sophie Lawrence, senior ethical, sustainable and impact researcher at Rathbone Greenbank, explains how we integrate biodiversity into our company assessment process, and how Greenbank use their investor influence to encourage companies to look at their environmental impacts both directly and through their supply chains.

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Investor Day 2020 - Krystyna Springer

Krystyna Springer, senior research analyst for financial sector strategies at ShareAction, reflects on their recent report (Point of No Returns), examining the investment community’s understanding of biodiversity loss, and addressing the challenges holding back the investment industry’s progress on biodiversity integration.

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Investor Day 2020 - Ed Ellis

Ed Ellis, manager of the integrated biodiversity assessment tool (IBAT) for the IBAT alliance, explains how important it is to provide companies and investors with reliable, evidence-based biodiversity data to shape operational and investment decisions.

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Investor Day 2020 - Annelisa Grigg

Annelisa Grigg, director of Globalbalance,  has advised investors, companies and civil society on the business risks and opportunities associated with biodiversity for over 20 years. Annelisa provides insight into the status of global biodiversity and explains how biodiversity can be integrated into financial and corporate decision-making.

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