Collaborating for the common good

Greenbank is able to magnify its positive impact through partnering with many different members of the responsible investment community.

“Greenbank has contributed in many ways, including providing feedback on the BBFAW benchmark framework and promoting it across the investment industry. In the early years, Greenbank's support was critical in establishing the legitimacy of farm animal welfare as a topic of interest for investors. As farm animal welfare has grown in importance, investors have looked to Greenbank to advise them on what implementation — in terms of engagement and investment integration — means in practice. Our engagement with Greenbank has been overwhelmingly positive. From an animal welfare perspective, the fact that a large institutional investor takes the issue seriously has been critical to driving change in company practice and performance. Greenbank has championed the cause of farm animal welfare, even at a time when it was not recognised as a particularly important issue for investors.”

Dedicated to assessing and improving contributions of the private sector to global nutrition
challenges; conducts independent ranking of companies’ nutrition-related commitments, practices and performance (signatory since 2017).
Provides annual analysis of how 20 of the largest global pharmaceutical companies are addressing access to medicine in low to middle income countries (collaborated since 2018).
Membership organisation for those in the UK finance industry committed to growing sustainable and responsible finance (member since 1998).
Leading global measure of farm animal welfare management, policy commitment, performance and disclosure in food companies (supporter since 2011).
Global network of investors addressing ESG issues in protein supply chains; engagement work has covered issues such as antibiotic use and sustainable protein supply chains (member since 2018).
ShareAction initiative seeking to improve quantity and quality of corporate disclosures on employment and supply chains (signatory since 2017).

“For a small charity like ECCR, Greenbank’s support has been invaluable — not only have they “put their money where their mouth is”, but by volunteering team members to be trustees, they have strengthened the governance of the organisation, bringing a unique perspective and valuable expertise to the table. We have also had the privilege of collaborating with them on research reports. Culturally we feel very aligned: we have admired the authenticity and commitment to an ethical approach that Greenbank has, which is particularly refreshing in this age of ‘greenwashing’. They don’t just pay lip service to doing things differently, but actively work to promote ethical investment, not only for their clients, but to grow this market more broadly.”

Faith-based investor coalition involved in advocacy and raising awareness on issues of business, human rights and environmental stewardship (member since 1998).
UK campaigning organisation aiming to persuade employers to pay a ‘real’ living wage; also engaging with portfolio companies to encourage wider adoption (accredited employer since 2012).
Encourages disclosure of meaningful and consistent environmental information; focused on measurement of risks and opportunities associated with climate change but expanded to include water security and deforestation (signatory since 2002; investor member since  2015).
Investor engagement initiative ensuring world’s largest corporate GHG emitters take action on climate change; engagement streams focus on climate scenarios, lobbying, disclosure and executive pay (member since 2017; joined ‘Aiming for A’ precursor in 2012).
Collaborative platform for investors to encourage public policies, investment practice and corporate behaviour addressing long-term risks and opportunities associated with climate change (member since 2015).
Independent organisation working to change food policy and business practice to ensure food access and healthy diet for all (collaborating since 2019).
A UK charity that is building a movement for responsible investment among savers and investors and shaping public policy around the issue (collaborating since 2010).

“Greenbank has taken a leadership role in helping The Food Foundation to engage across  he finance sector, hosting events with us and providing expert feedback around investment risks and opportunities in the food industry. Our ongoing support from Greenbank has allowed us to engage more and test theories and ideas. It has given us a “friend on the inside” in the finance sector who supports our content and events and reviews our reports with us.”