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Greenbank Review Spring 2019
    Rathbone Greenbank Investor Day 2019
With the growing debate on how we decouple economic activity from unsustainable patterns
of resource consumption, this year’s event will explore the
role of investors, companies and policymakers in promoting a more circular economy.
The Institution of Engineering and Technology
2 Savoy Place
London WC2R 0BL
Wednesday 5 June 2019 9.30am–2.30pm
Preserving the miracle cure 4 Reducing waste, protecting value 6 Plastic: the problem that won't go away 8 Protein: better alternatives for animals,
people and planet? 10
   Rewilding our world — an interview with Monty Halls
Annual engagement review Events and sponsorship review
Perry Rudd
Head of Ethical Research
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Deputy editor
Andy McCormick

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