Greenbank LED MPS

The Greenbank LED Managed Portfolio Service (GLMPS) offers a cost-effective and straightforward solution for clients with their own Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), who wish to access adviser led* sustainable investments.

GLMPS invests in the Rathbone Greenbank portfolio range of funds, which integrates Greenbank’s proven expertise in ethical, sustainable and impact (ESI) investment with Rathbone Unit Trust Management’s (known as Rathbone Funds) excellence in fund management. This partnership creates active and expert sustainable investment management. 

This approach offers an investment solution for clients with more modest amounts to invest and simpler needs than would justify a bespoke discretionary service. It aims to empower investors to use their money as a force for good, without compromising on long-term financial objectives. 

We offer five strategies, which are designed to suit different risk and return requirements.

The five strategies are invested in the Rathbone Greenbank portfolio range of funds which are multi asset and single strategy funds designed to meet a range of client needs without compromising in investing sustainably 

Financial advisers and their clients can choose to switch between strategies if their financial situation or investment objectives change and can undertake this without penalty or notice. Strategies are currently invested in multi-asset and single strategy funds designed to meet a range of client investment needs, without compromising on investing responsibly. To find out more about our funds please visit our Rathbone Funds website.

Download the Greenbank LED MPS Portfolio Brochure.


Prices, performance and ratings for the funds are available on request, please contact us at

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*Our service is offered on an adviser led execution-only basis (i.e. we implement yours, or your financial advisers’ instructions following advice you have received from your financial adviser). Rathbones does not provide investment advice and takes no responsibility for the suitability of the investment.