Greenbank LED managed

Greenbank LED Managed invests in actively managed sustainable investments delivered through a tailored discretionary service.

It invests in the Rathbone Greenbank Portfolio range of funds, which integrates Greenbank’s proven expertise in ethical, sustainable and impact (ESI) investment with Rathbone Unit Trust Management’s (known as Rathbone Funds) excellence in fund management. This partnership creates active and expert sustainable investment management.

This approach offers a cost-effective investment solution, which aims to empower investors to use their money as a force for good, without compromising on long-term financial objectives. 

Decisions you can trust 

Investing in Greenbank LED managed provides direct access to a dedicated investment manager who will be responsible for ensuring that your client’s investments remain suitable for their individual needs.
Greenbank’s ESI research team uses its skill and decades of experience in ethical, sustainable and impact investments to apply rigorous positive and negative screens to potential holdings chosen by Rathbone Funds. Greenbank has a final veto on any holdings included in the funds, meaning you can trust that your client’s money will only be invested in companies that are working to create a more sustainable future.

The dedicated investment manager will keep clients and their advisers informed of individual investment portfolios' performances , answer any queries and ensure efficient tax positions are being taken into account with the portfolio management. 

A range of strategies to suit your client's needs 

We offer five Greenbank LED Managed strategies, these are designed to suit different risk and return requirements. 

Strategies are currently invested into the Rathbone Greenbank Portfolio Range of funds which are multi-asset and single strategy funds designed to meet a range of client investment needs, without compromising on investing responsibly. 


Prices, performance and ratings for the Rathbone Greenbank Portfolio Range of funds are available on request, please contact us at

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