Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

To be the natural home for investors seeking to align their investments with the change they want to see in the world.

— bespoke and personal service
— going the extra mile for clients
— being transparent and trustworthy
— evidence-based investment decisions
— friendly, courageous and passionate team
— market leading ethical, sustainable and impact research
— leaders in company engagement
— long-term oriented investment approach

Our mission

To generate long-term value for clients, employees and partners through our ethical, sustainable and impact investment expertise and shared passion for people and planet.

Our values

Being responsible - Caring for our clients, employees, and the needs of the wider world through investing and operating responsibly.

Working together - Collaborating with companies, the investment community, individuals and organisations to create value that is aligned with our shared values.

Showing courage - Confident in our conviction that sustainable investment can make a difference - delivering financial, social and environmental returns.

Always professional - Committed to meeting our clients’ needs through our professionalism and dedication to ethical, sustainable and impact investment.

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