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Our Services

Our Services

Portfolio management for private individuals and their trusts
Our core service is the management of a diversified portfolio of assets, including equities, fixed interest securities, managed funds and alternative investments, integrating each individual’s financial aims and ethical priorities.

Ethical managed funds portfolio service
To reduce investment risk, we strongly emphasise diversification. In some cases this may lead us to recommend a portfolio of ethically screened or environmentally focused funds. These investments offer highly diversified exposure to the key asset classes without clients needing a large portfolio. We hold regular meetings with the fund managers and closely monitor fund performance, investment style, investment strategy and key holdings to identify the best funds for you.

Charity investment
Charity trustees need to be confident that their charity’s investments are being well-managed, to a bespoke brief, by investment professionals whose skills and knowledge they can trust.  The Charity Commission recognises that ethical investment can be consistent with the general and specific duties of trustees.  Our service focuses on maximising the return from investments while ensuring they are compatible with your  charity’s individual mission.  We ensure each charity’s investment strategy is closely aligned to its mission.

If you are looking to save for retirement within a tax-efficient self-invested personal pension, we can provide our ethical investment management services through your preferred SIPP provider. By using a SIPP, you will gain much more control of the content and management of your pension fund.

International services
For some clients it may be appropriate to hold investments outside the UK. Rathbone Greenbank Investments can act as delegated investment manager for portfolios held overseas and we can offer you this service through our international office, based in Jersey.

For more information on how we can help you develop an investment portfolio that meets your requirements, please call 0117 930 3000 or email john.david@rathbones.com

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