Rathbone Greenbank Investments

Our People

Our People

Our dedicated and well resourced team is one of our key assets. The team has a wealth of experience in both financial markets and ethical analysis, combining these areas of expertise to ensure your environmental, social and ethical concerns are completely integrated into investment decisions.

You can read more about individual members of our team by clicking on the names below.


Bristol Investment Team

John David

Nicola Day

Elizabeth Haigh

Kate Murphy

Corinne Bathgate

Chris Bullock

Kate Shepherd

Catherine Naughton 

Jane Wilcock (London)

Victoria Hoskins (London)

 Liverpool Investment Team

Nick Roe - Ely

Jaclyn King-Gibson


Perry Rudd

Matt Crossman

Kate Elliot


Sharon Iles

For more information on how we can help you develop an investment portfolio that meets your requirements, please call 0117 930 3000 or email john.david@rathbones.com

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