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Thinking Ahead Conference

21 September 2011

Rathbones was delighted to support the Thinking Ahead Conference in Bristol on 21st September 2011. Over 100 delegates from a range of charities and not-for-profit organisations attended the event which focused on collaboration, leadership and fundraising issues for charities.


Nicola Day, investment director at Rathbone Greenbank, led a session on ‘Ethical investing to promote your charity’s mission’. She spoke about the evolution of responsible investment, from its early days in the Methodist and Quaker traditions to the sophisticated sustainability approach of today. This has mirrored a parallel growth in understanding of the relationship between economic growth, environmental quality and human welfare.


Nicola then spoke about the Charity Commission guidance for trustees and the considerations in adopting an ethical approach to investment. This was followed by some examples of ways in which charities have integrated ethical factors into their investment strategies in order to both promote the charity’s mission and align its investments to the aims of the charity.

Kate Elliot

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