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Investment Process

Our team has been managing ethical and responsible investment portfolios since 1992. We have built up extensive expertise in understanding how financial and ethical issues can be integrated into the management of your portfolio to meet your overall investment objectives.

Our approach to investment has three key principles:

1. The importance of asset allocation and diversification. We consider the full range of asset classes available to us, including bonds, equities, property and private equity. We also aim for diversification across sectors and companies, subject to your ethical requirements.

2. The use of wide ranging sources of ethical and financial research, including our own ethical research team, and the Rathbone Unit Trust Management award-winning investment team, as well as a wide range of external brokers, analysts and fund managers. As a result we constantly monitor market developments and identify attractive investment ideas and opportunities.

3. The selection of companies offering sustainable long-term potential. As well as conventional factors we also consider the extent to which a company understands and manages the social and environmental threats and opportunities it faces. This additional perspective enables us to identify companies which are ideally suited to meeting the challenges of the future.

For more information on how we can help you develop an investment portfolio that meets your requirements, please call 0117 930 3000 or email john.david@rathbones.com

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